Aug 10, 2013

Lipo Light Review and Results

In the recent years a lot of treatment have popped up that promise weight loss. Some invasive and others not.  Lipo light is just one of those, but recently I have seen a lot of Groupon and Living Social for it.  Combine that with my pending wedding, I decided to give it a try.  My thought was, worst thing is that it doesn't work.  So here is my experience and result after one session.

Lipo light uses LED red lights to target specific fat areas. While you cannot target fat loss in a specific area, Lipo light can.  I am not an expert on the technology so this post will focus on my experience and results.  For more information you can visit these sites: Lipo Light & Wikipedia.

What I got: 20 min Lipo light with sensory headset followed by 10 min vibration session
The vibration helps to ensure you use the energies released by the Lipo-light and its not restored into fat.

  • Loads of paperwork concerning your health but it was mostly repetitive information for different aspects of the process. Before buying a package, make sure you can actually receive the treatment.
  • My target areas were my thighs and stomach.  So tight shorts were recommended. I wore my Victoria's Secret yoga shorts.
Lipo-light session:
  1. Lots of information and video about the effectiveness of Lipo-light. Remember I just bought one Groupon session so they were still selling me on the experience
  2. Body fat percentage: 23%
  3. Measurements of my stomach (belly button and 2 inches above and below) and my thigh (8 inches above the bottom of my knee).  The thigh measurements were lower than the area I'm targeting. So I think it effected my results.
  4. Then wraps were given to me to wrap around the areas of focus. Followed by the pads. These pads must have contact with your skin, so my tight shorts ended up helping hold it all in place

The pads for my stomach were placed from the left love handle across the front to the right love handle.  I used 6 pads and covered my stomach fully.  2 pads were placed on my pelvis above my pelvic lymph nodes to improve effectiveness.  4 pads for each thigh, which I was told to place wherever I wanted the focus to be.  My concern is the inner thigh but I could not get the pads to place just right.

  • Pads got heated pretty quickly but not uncomfortable except for two pads on my stomach.  It was definitely warmer than I expected but I could bare it. 
  • The sensory glasses helped me relax and headset played a healthy lifestyle affirmation.  Honestly I was very skeptical about it and do not feel my mindset changed greatly.  However, it did aid in the time passing quickly.
  • The pads are cleaned after every session and thoroughly cleaned once a day.
Vibration session:
Turbo sonic vibration therapy aids in burning up to 290 calories within 10 minutes.  It does it by vibrating your body and causing your muscles to react.  I was on a Turbo Sonic machine, which was set to frequencies between 5 Hz - 13 Hz.  Until the last 1.5 minute it went from 3Hz to 25Hz.  
It was a cool experience, which left my muscles twitching slightly even afterwards.  So I am convinced it actually does something beside jiggling my fat.

Weight loss: 128.8lbs -> 127.8lbs
Body Fat: 23% -> 22.7%
Waist (2 inches above): 29 inch -> 28 in
Waist (2 inches below): 33 inch -> 32.5 inch
Waist (belly button): No change
Thigh: 21 inch -> 20.5 in

As the result shows there is minimal change in my thigh.  It could be for three reasons:
  • Lipo light isn't effective for my thigh
  • Thigh measurement was too low, because I placed my pads higher than where I placed it
  • 30 Day Squat challenge has been more effective than I thought and I have less fat than I suspect
So I definitely saw changes.  The area on my stomach that was especially uncomfortable during the Lipo light session is the same area that I can see a difference.  Pictures to the right, but I am not sure if it shows well.  Before my stomach had a bulge all around but now there are areas where the bulge is less extreme.

Lipo Light is not a weight loss method.  Instead it is just a fat targeting method.


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